When it comes to Beartooth Men’s Rehab, we have the best interest of your troubled young man in mind. We want to heal his mind, spirit, and body, and bring it back to greatness. We focus on communication, hard work, and restoring his faith in God.

Communication is key in the process and we tend to open the eyes of our young men through stressing its importance. One way we do this is a little more unconventional, we use horses.

Horses are a great tool we utilize because they are already a part of the traditional ranch lifestyle. We incorporate horse training and communicating within our faith-based rehab for these young adults.

What is Natural Horsemanship?

Beartooth ProgramHorses are considered a more social animal and have a more developed communication technique than many other animals. Our Natural Horsemanship philosophy utilizes this and consists of working with horses to hone in on their herding instincts and behavior patterns.

Why are horses part of our rehab programs for young adults?

  • Horses help us teach:
  • Communicating using body language and nonverbal cues
  • Learning how to express themselves more clearly and with better motivation
  • Addressing troubled behavior
  • Our “Firm but fair” motto

Our horse training program really teaches our young adults the best way to communicate. Horses and gentle but fierce creatures, and they are very great communicators, even without saying a word. In our rehab program for young adults, they will be observing our natural horsemanship experts. The young men will see through the teacher’s eyes; communication and compassion.

Our approach to rehab with this technique is something that no one else is doing but has proven to be extremely successful. If you have a troubled young man who just needs some guidance, some help with communication, and some faith restored, this is the place for them. Our ranch is a great place to learn how to be a great man. Don’t hesitate, and contact us today