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What We Do At Our Addiction Treatment Vocational Skills Training Program For Young Men

At Beartooth Mountain Ascent we encourage a positive work ethic while working with cattle and horses, completing ranch jobs, and engaging in therapy. We believe that the only difference between the young man and us is one decision, and we hope to help him, through this cowboy life experience, learn the positive effects of his intrinsically good nature. Being a Catholic Christian working cattle ranch, all staff model the Christian virtues, and, as the young man progresses through the program, we help him to emulate those same virtues.

This Adventurous Ranch Based Addiction Treatment Vocational Skills Training Program instills a therapeutic life changing experience for young men ages 18-28!   

Why are we different?

Unlike other traditional rehabs that offer a set of circumstances by which a young man can hope to stay sober, our Addiction Treatment  & Vocational Skills Training Program offers each young man a chance to be independent of circumstance. We call this RESILIENCY TRAINING! We teach each young men that it is their own will and intellect that can keep them sober, safe, and mature. We achieve this by having the young men focus on work, and experiential therapy that centers around their present decisions and their goals for their future. We can help them retrain their brains to look to success and healthy application of their new Vocational & Life skills. Rather than use the past as a teaching device which can often lead to shame, and unhealthy manifestation of guilt, we let them experience, understand, and learn from the current habits and choices they are making now. This helps remove them from a certain “rut” of thinking and acting from the past, and encourages growth toward a brighter future.

Addiction Treatment Vocational Skills Training Program

Young Men Enjoying the Adventure At Our Addiction Treatment Vocational Skills Training Program

The Mission of Beartooth Mt. Ascent young adult rehab program :D.R.E.A.M.

Develop young men to

Be Responsible

Create Employable young men

By making them Ambitious and

Changing young men’s Mindsets

Are we right for your son?

Your son is unique, irreplaceable, unrepeatable, and beloved. Our Addiction Treatment Vocational Skills Training Programs primary goal is the transformative healing that comes from a greater knowledge and deeper relationship with oneself and with God. If you think that your son could benefit from some time away from his current circumstances, why not send him out here to this 50,000-acre working cattle ranch to experience this vocational skills training program? It is nothing short of a long-term western ranch retreat with a dedicated staff and a solid curriculum that can provide your son the opportunity to change. Allow us the opportunity to help you and your son. Call us today at 307 645 3381, or fill out the contact us form on this website to see if your son can benefit from this unique opportunity.

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