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Catholic Christian Drug Rehab Program

Catholic Christian Drug Rehab Program


A Proven Effective Catholic Christian Behavioral Health & Drug Rehab Program For Young Men

Catholic Christian Drug Rehab Program


“By unfolding his mind as God created him, on a 50,000-acre working cattle ranch in North West Wyoming near Yellowstone National Park.”

Catholic Christian Drug Rehab Program at Beartooth Men’s Rehab is “Helping Young Men Become The Best Version Of Themselves”.

Catholic Christian Drug Rehab Program of Beartooth Men’s Rehab is a unique substance abuse recovery & behavioral health program with a vocational/technical skills training focus that offers young men a second chance at gaining control over their lives. Located on a 50,000-acre cattle ranch in the northwest corner of Wyoming, Catholic Christian Drug Rehab Program of Beartooth Men’s Rehab has a variety of program activities and therapeutic interventions that help each of the young men reach their full potential and become a better version of himself.

Unlike many other residential treatment centers, Beartooth Men’s Rehab offers a rugged wilderness immersion experience that enables the young men to reconnect with nature, to develop a positive mindset, while healing their bodies and spirits. Our strength lies in both using the outdoors as an instructive tool to teach valuable life lessons and in providing a person-centered system of care that will bring out the individual talents and skills of each of our clients.

Many of the young men that enter our program are at an existential crossroads where they must either make a decision to overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from realizing their dreams, or must accept the harsh consequences that are unavoidable with unhealthy lifestyle choices: loss of family relationships, health issues, criminal record, incarceration, or even death. We at Beartooth Mountain Ascent understand how demoralizing and impossible making such a positive change can seem for the young men who are at a “rock bottom,”. We have a team of highly skilled peer mentors and recovery life coaches that will walk with them, side-by-side, as they take a leap of faith and begin to climb up out of the darkness.

Catholic Christian Drug Rehab Program of Beartooth Men’s Rehab has such a high success rate that our program satisfies the demands of many State Court Systems and is an alternative to incarceration.

Beartooth Men’s Rehab is more than a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and serves clients with a variety of mental health and behavioral health issues such as chronic depression, bipolar disorder, video gaming addictions, pornography and sexual addictions, as well as criminal behaviors. As a 50,000-acre “working” cattle ranch, we offer young men exposure to a variety of vocation/technical trades such as carpentry, welding, heavy equipment operations, mechanics, horsemanship/horse training, and animal husbandry.

We believe that our ranch environment and western “Cowboy Culture” promotes honesty, integrity, responsibility, and determination. Issues we address:

• Alcohol/Drug/Tobacco Abuse
• All Addictions, Including Sexual, Pornography, Video Gaming etc..
• Co-occurring Mental Health Conditions
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Impulsive behavior
• Sexual promiscuity

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