If you have been keeping up with our blog, we have been discussing signs of addiction that your son or loved one may be exhibiting. The signs may be plain as day, or a little more hidden. Whatever the case may be, he needs your assistance, and the way you can help is by sending him to our Catholic Christian rehab in Wyoming. Our addiction rehab program is conducted on a ranch where he will be actually working with our ranch hands, learning how to care for animals, and learning how to be a hard working man. On top of this, he will participate in classes about communication, life skills, and reformation.
At Beartooth Men’s Rehab, we want your son or loved one to get back to his old self by using our techniques that involve teaching the ways of traditionalism and faith. Our rehab program will help get him back on track, so he can accomplish great things with his faith, his courage, and his support system by his side.
Here are more signs your loved one may be suffering from addiction:


Your son or loved one usually gives off a sense about them. If he used to dress nicely and have a positive attitude and now seems not to bother with his appearance and his attitude is lack luster, you may need to consider a Catholic Christian rehab treatment. If he is suffering from addiction, you may see a drastic change in his appearance. He may look tired, start dressing differently, and not keeping up with hygiene habits such as shaving, and even showering. His attitude may become more aggressive, he may begin to have less patience, and not be trusting of anyone around him. If you notice a major shift in him, call us sooner than later at our Catholic Christian rehab.

Decline in Interests

If your boy loved to play baseball, go to the movies, or get outdoors and he has stopped all of it, he may need some assistance from you and our Catholic Christian rehab. When he becomes addicted to a substance or activity, this will take hold of his entire being. Because of this, he won’t have money, desire, or time to do the things he used to love. If he doesn’t seem like he wants to socialize with you or friends and doesn’t participate in activities he used to put first, it’s time to consider Catholic Christian rehab. Our rehab will help him break his addiction and get back to doing the things that mean the most: spending time with family and friends, participating in hobbies that are helpful for the mind and body, and believing in God’s faith and wisdom.

Not Reliable

If he was someone who was always on time, always did what was asked of him, and is now late or doesn’t show up at all, he may have a problem with addiction. Addiction is the sole source of his actions, so if he needs to, he will always put that above everything else. He may not be getting to work on time, if at all, he may miss practice, and he may not be going to church. If you see a reoccurring pattern like this within your son or loved one, it is best to contact our Catholic Christian rehab in Wyoming.


Tying into our previous point of not being reliable, a part of this is due to his loss of memory caused by the substance abuse and addiction. Not only is his short term memory affected, such as remembering appointments and events, their long term memory is affected as well. He may start to forget certain memories that you always reminisce about. If this is the case, your son or loved may have an issue with addiction. With addiction, he may have blackouts from certain substances. If he is constantly attached to media due to his video games and pornography issues, this will be what he remembers day-in and day-out.


This is a sign that shows your son or loved one is in desperate need of your help. When he begins to steal your or other’s’ possessions, he is doing this to earn money for his addiction habit. He will take items of value or money to get his next fix, game, or pornography subscription. Stealing is something that is out of his control because his only focus is getting that next high.
If you see your son or loved one struggling with these changes, it’s best to get him the help he needs and deserves by sending him to our Catholic Christian rehab in Wyoming. Our rehab program knows just what your son needs to break away from his addiction and to learn he does not need this to live a fulfilling life. We will focus on therapy techniques, teach him hardworking skills on the ranch, and how important you and God are in his life. Check out our assessment to see if your son qualifies and give us a call today!