When you a notice a loved one acting out of character, a red flag goes up. If your son has always been someone who is carefree, sincere, devoted to God, and an overall genuine person and you suddenly see a shift in their personality, it might be time to investigate. If your young man is moody, secretive, has lost faith, or has a change in attitude, it may be time to get them to our Catholic Christian Rehab in Wyoming.

At Beartooth Men’s Rehab, it is our mission to help your son or loved one get back on track to being the person he always knew he was. Our faith-based program incorporates all the things your son needs, such as life skills, communication classes, and restoration in faith seminars. He will live on a beautiful and full functioning ranch to learn working hard is a rewarding act.

Here are some sign to looks for in your son or loved one, to see if he needs to come to our Catholic Christian Rehab

Keeping Secrets

If the young adult you care for is being sneaky and withholding information from you, it is cause for concern. When someone has a problem with addiction, that is their main priority and focus. This means your young man will do anything in his power to keep his addiction thriving. He knows his addiction will cause pain to others, so he hides it from everyone he possibly can. Addiction is an illness, and it is something that is out of your son’s control. It is important to consider our Catholic Christian Rehab to get him to his normal state of communication with himself, loved ones, and God.


Lying and secrets tend to go hand in hand when it comes to addiction. Because your son or loved one wants to protect themselves, and his vice, he will stop at nothing to do so. He will create a world of lies that will become bigger than himself. If you notice he is lying more often than not, it may be time to check out our Catholic Christian Rehab. We can help the young adult with addiction issues learn that he has so much more to live for than the drugs, alcohol, video games, or pornography that is currently controlling their every action.


If your son or loved was always very cheerful, happy, and easy going, it will be easy to spot mood swings caused by addiction. If he becomes angry, hostile, or lethargic, you know this is not your son. Some substances that your loved one may be addicted to, directly affect mood and certain receptors in the brain. You should be mindful of his new personality and if you tend to see patterns of certain moods, start looking into our Christian rehab program.

Sleep Patterns and Energy

If he used to be very active and had an ample amount of energy, and now he seems to have none at all or too much, it is time to pay attention. Many substances affect energy levels in your son. Certain drugs will either create a higher energy level where he may feel invincible and can do anything. Other drugs and alcohol will bring on lethargic behavior and low energy level. If your loved one is addicted to pornography or video games, you will see a dip in his sleeping patterns, since he will be participating in these activities at all hours of the day or night.


Addiction directly can affect his weight in severe ways. If he is addicted to video games or pornograpy, he may actually gain weiight since he won’t care to take care of themselves and these addictions are his main focus. If he is addicted to certain drugs, he may lose weight. Some drugs tend to suppress appetite, so the more he consumes that substance, the less likely it is that he will eat balanced meals. At our Christian Catholic rehab, we will provide hearty and fulfilling meals to the young adults in our program so they can keep up with the physical demands of being on the ranch.

If you feel your son or loved one is exhibiting any of these behaviors, please check out our assessment form to see if he may qualify for our Catholic Christian rehab ranch in Wyoming. Our program is well-rounded and will be able to teach our participants what it takes to be a good, hardworking, and faithful man. Please contact us today so we can help your loved one break their addiction and restore their faith!