The Beartooth Men’s Rehab Vocational job skills program included in our Catholic rehab.

Beartooth Men’s Rehab is unique because we are situated on a working cattle ranch. Through the real work involved in ranching, we give each young man who comes to our Christian rehab the opportunity to learn actual job skills such as; driving tractors, irrigating fields, carpentry, mechanizing, introduction to semi-driving, plant identification, and animal care.

Unlike another addiction rehab, we integrate job skill training into every area of the struggling young man’s life. At Beartooth Men’s Rehab, our Catholic rehab program has a proven 81.3 percent change in most areas of the young man’s behavior patterns. Many parents report that they see a major improvement in their son’s respect for authority. He adopts a respectful and loving manner toward family members.

These major life changes are made possible through our job skills and work ethic training. Each of the struggling young men learns the importance of respect, healthy communication, and learning to follow directions on the job. These skills along with a solid work ethic and honesty will equip the young man for success in every area of his life.

The Six Key Job Skills Needed in the Labor Market

  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Ability to use numbers/mental math
  • Ability to use information technology
  • Working well with others
  • Desire to improve learning and performance 
  • Good problem-solving Skills

In our rehab program, our ranch is the foundation for young adults to learn, at-risk animal husbandry (the practice of breeding and raising livestock). Caring for the animals on the ranch is the first step in helping the young men in our Christian rehab become less selfish, and enables them to put others first. This is an important job skill, and character trait that is needed in any type of workplace.

Seasonal chores consist of irrigating hay and grain fields, caring for the garden during the summer, and feeding cattle during the winter (the herd is on pasture from spring to fall). Ranch work follows three overlapping paths: Routine chores that make the ranch yield its harvest, raising the calves that are the ranch’s main cash crop and that provide consecutive seasonal work throughout the year, and filling the rest of the time with work to improve conditions and ranch productivity.

Young adult on a horse during addiction rehab.On our large scale working cattle ranch in Wyoming, there is always work to be done. This makes the skill training within Beartooth Men’s Rehabs rehab program well rounded with many job skills, life skills, and educational opportunities. Ranch work is a seasonal job, so the work never gets boring, and yet is repetitive enough to allow mastery of the new job skills that the young man has learned.

  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Increased positive motivation
  • Better work ethic
  • Employability and transferability of job skills learned
  • Improved ability to make informed career choices

Our large indoor Equine Center and our horse program also set us apart from other addiction rehabs. Young adults who come to Beartooth Men’s Rehab will benefit from exposure to horses and the ranch way of life. They will see up close how imprinting takes place with the new foals. They learn first hand how important non-verbal communication styles are interpreted by a spirited yearling colt. Nature and horses are the greatest of teachers, through God’s creatures the young men learn they can’t exhibit poor behavior to get the horse to do what they want.

Our Christian rehab is a great place for young adults looking to make a major life change by accepting they may have an addiction or behavioral problem. Once they accept they problem they can get the help guidance they need. Contact us today to see if your son or loved one would be a good fit on our ranch.