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Catholic Young Adult Drug and Addiction Rehab

Catholic Drug and Addiction Rehab Center

Our program is faith-based to help make long-lasting change in the hearts and minds of our young adult participants.
Beartooth Men’s Rehab, is a Catholic/Christian faith-based transitional sober living, character formation program for young adults struggling with drugs and other addictions.


We provide a healthy way of life for young men that offers them the opportunity to experience and achieve balance through positive lifestyle choices. Often times, our young adults have been struggling with drugs, alcohol, and other types of addiction that have altered their entire lifestyle. They have gone off the tracks and we must help them find their faith and humility again.

Christ-centered virtue/character formation involves turning from false gods to the one who gives abundant life. “You turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God.” False gods, such as our young adult’s issues with addiction, promise power, meaning, and security, but they ultimately destroy their worshippers. In contrast, we discover our reason for living as we find our identity, acceptance, and purpose in new skills, communication, and faith.

Who Needs This Catholic Young Adult Drug Rehab?

When we think of virtue formation we can think of Christ’s victory over sin on the cross, because it provides the foundation for healing and transformation. Sinful behavior is simply an attempt to meet our needs elsewhere than in Christ. We overcome life-controlling habits to the extent that we find our deepest needs met in him. Transformation begins when we become God’s children, but it does not end there. Genuine recovery is only possible when we allow Christ onto the throne of our lives.
Surrendering to the Lord gives him his rightful place at the center of all that we think and do. Anything less holds us back from the purpose for which God created us. (Scripture reference: 1Thes.1: 9b) Our goal for each participant at Beartooth Men’s Rehab, is that the young adults in our Christian rehab will come to discover a true passion and purpose for their lives, through the love and encouragement they receive from God in his creation & through the healing relationships they develop with us during their stay.

What You Learn in Catholic Rehab

Through our “paternal teachings” and “reality therapy” the young adults in our program will revamp their mind and heart with the teaching of faith. We become a family, involved in the total sharing of our lives with each and every young man. We know that change happens as a result of meaningful sharing and honest relationships. We also know that growth in the areas of honesty, trust, moral integrity, improved relationships, responsibility, and stress management will reduce your son or loved one’s drug, alcohol, and addiction patterns.

The combined ranch activities and collaborative efforts of our gifted staff, address the needs of the whole person by providing a whole solution through spiritual nurturing, healthy relationships, recreation, job skill training, academic achievement, emotional health and social enrichment. Our approach focuses on all aspects of the individual to make them a well-rounded participant in faith, work, and relationships.

The Ranch and It’s Role In Christian Rehab

The treatments and therapies listed on our website are each aspect of our daily life on a working cattle ranch and are integrated within our main Christian rehab program. Students participate in daily ranch activities that are an organic part of real ranch life and work. The young adults within our drug and addiction program do not get to pick and choose which activities they want to do each day. This teaches a young man to go above and beyond, become part of something bigger than himself, and learn to do what is required and needed. Also, note that not every activity listed is offered every day, and many are available only when the season or weather permits.

Our Catholic young adult drug and addiction rehab program is located on a remote rural ranch and features back-to-basics, frontier-style buildings without any frills. If you are looking for luxurious accommodations for your son or loved one in a resort-like setting, this is not the place to send him.

Choose Beartooth Men’s Rehab

If you want your son to appreciate life and restore his faith, then our ranch is the place to help him grow in appreciation and for all that he has in his life. Young men that engage in our program leave here with a deeper respect for authority, self-discipline, and a new work ethic that will help them be successful for years to come.

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