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Christian Virtue Training Recovery Program

Christian Virtue Training Recovery Program

Get Attention: We all know that teenagers and young adults spend a lot of time thinking about issues that are “hot” to them: dating, sexual intimacy, teen pregnancy, sports, drugs and alcohol and run-ins with the law. Christian Virtue Training Recovery Program grabbing attention with hot issues is an excellent way to make character education effective – if done right.

Character Education That Is Authentic And Modeled By Adults Who Live The Virtues Themselves Is The Key To Our Effectiveness

AT Christian Virtue Training Recovery Program of Beartooth Men’s Rehab we find that the young men get the most out of our character education because our character education activities hang on these three secrets.

Get Real: Many educators, assigned the task of teaching character education, put on character “clothes” and use character “speech” in class, but teenagers can spot a phony a mile away. Phonies trigger the radar alert. Troubled teens and struggling young adults quickly see that their character education teachers are counterfeit men or women of character. They respect neither the teachers nor their character education lesson plans and character education activities. Why should they?

Christian Virtue Training Recovery Program chooses our staff and train them to recognize that “your personal character must be genuine when you teach at-risk teenagers and young adults. When you explain integrity, troubled teenagers should be able to nod and say, “That teacher is a clear example of integrity. He himself adheres unwaveringly to a strict moral code. His character is whole, not divided. He doesn’t change from situation to situation. When character education lesson plans focus on responsibility, teens should have to admit, “Our teacher’s a first-rate role model of responsibility. She always prepares lessons thoroughly. She knows her job and gives it her absolute best.” Whatever character traits you teach, exercise them yourself.

Get Trustworthiness: Trust is difficult to build with struggling teenagers and at-risk young adults, but easy to lose. Ask teens to explain a character education teacher’s trustworthiness and they should say something like, “She’s absolutely dependable. I’d feel perfectly safe putting my confidence in her.”

At Christian Virtue Training Recovery Program of BTMA we generate trustworthiness in our teaching and witness of good character traits. The at-risk teenagers and young adults are able to depend on what we teach. They know that we base our character education lesson plans on absolute, not relative values. They know that we mean what we say – that we won’t back down.

We believe that we as models of Godly Character should hold and teach strong, clear convictions. Our Staff have the courage of these convictions, making sure students can trust us not to waver.

At Beartooth Men’s Rehab we get the young men’s attention by introducing good character traits in a way that is real and relevant to their lives and experiences. This combined with the lived examples of the staff and mentors they work with everyday, makes these character traits contagious.

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