Learning your loved one may have an issue with addiction is a terrifying moment. Combine this with what they are using is even more upsetting. Any type of addiction is not praised but certain drugs are dangerous and must be ceased immediately. Drug addictions are dangerous to the physical and spiritual part of your loved one.

If you know someone who is struggling with addiction, consider sending them to our Catholic Christian rehab. Our rehab center has all the tools and ideas necessary to help your young man overcome his addiction and restore his faith in God.

Unfortunately, some drugs are harder to kick than others. We think it is important to know what your son or loved one may be struggling with, so here are the hardest addictions to break.


Heroin is one of the most lethal and addictive drugs on the market. This opiate effects the receptors within the brain, causing a euphoric like-state, causing the brain to stop feeling pain and only to feel pleasure. After a few doses, the brain now begins to crave the substance that is blocking the pain receptors. Because this particular drug has such an effect on the brain, the withdrawal symptoms are horrific. Many people can’t stop because of how ill they become once they attempt to kick the habit.

Crack Cocaine

Many people believe that this is the same formula as cocaine, but this is not true. Crack cocaine gives people a very different high and is in a completely different form. Crack cocaine is in a rock form that you smoke. Smoking the substance causes the drug to react faster and more intense. This drug gives you an immediate rush but you crash quickly, causing you to keep smoking throughout the day. Also, crack cocaine is considered one of the more “affordable drugs.” Addiction is on the rise for this drug and is another hard one to fall away from.

Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is extremely dangerous and is immensely challenging to break because of its long-standing effects. Meth is usually in a crystal-like form and can be snorted, smoked, and possibly injected. Meth mimics dopamine in the brain, similar to heroin. Dopamine affects movement of the body, emotions, and pleasure. When one consistently consumes meth, it is dissipating the natural ability to produce dopamine, increasing depression when not on the drug. Meth not only damages the brain, it also is known for teeth to literally rot out of your mouth, dubbed “meth mouth.” Meth helps increase the body’s heart rate and makes you feel invincible and that everything is interesting. Most people on meth will drastically lose weight because it is also an appetite suppressant.

These three substances are extremely dangerous and difficult to break away from. These drugs take a hold of your son or loved one’s brain and alter their entire existence and personality if you believe or know they are on one of these substances, get them the help they need by sending them to our Catholic Christian rehab. Learn more about our amazing services we provide at Beartooth Men’s Rehab and get in contact with us today!