Beartooth Men’s Rehab™ is a Catholic/Christian faith-based Rehab

program for at-risk young men. We are committed to helping families in crisis with their struggling loved-ones; we provide diverse services complimenting each other for the purpose of healing and restoring broken families. Oftentimes people in crisis can be defiant, unmotivated, truant, and involved in unhealthy lifestyle, including promiscuity, drug abuse, alcohol, pornagraphy, excess video gaming and outright rebellion.

We know that change happens as a result of meaningful sharing and honest relationships. We also know that growth in the areas of honesty, trust, moral integrity, improved relationships, responsibility and stress management will reduce a young man’s dependence on destructive behaviors, thus increasing his ability to find joy, purpose and fulfillment in his life.

The combined services and collaborative efforts in our gifted staff addresses the needs of the whole person by providing a whole solution through an integrated education on the development of a healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit. We offer an extensive vocational skills training, job skill training, academic achievement, emotional health and social skills enrichment.

Beartooth Men’s Rehab™ offers families a holistic therapeutic treatment program. Rather than subjecting our students to the limitations of behavior management models, which primarily have an affect on the outward man, the focus is on spiritual renewal resulting in inner-transformation.

The staff at Beartooth Men’s Rehab are all committed to one goal, and that is helping every young man reach his full potential, become the best version of himself and lead a healthy productive life. Our young adult drug rehab and transitions life skill program is headed by gifted individuals whose main objective is to guide young men to the right path through positive behavior improvement, developing a sound work ethic, character building through “Real Life Therapy” and life enriching activities.