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Equine Therapy in Wyoming

Equine Therapy in Wyoming

Equine Therapy in Wyoming: The principles of Equine Therapy can be summed up in four words: Relationship, Understanding, Communication, and Trust.


The Natural Horsemanship Method isn’t really horse training. Horses are fine just the way they are. What we do is more human training. It’s the human that needs to learn how to relate naturally to the horse. The natural horsemanship method teaches you how to work with a horse. We do this in the most loving, effective and efficient way possible.

Understanding :
Understand that horses are prey animals. Almost everything they do or don’t do is based on their survival instincts. Learn to see the world from the horse’s point of view. This includes figuring out “what’s in it for them” when asking something of your horse. Understand your horse’s personality type so you can work with him in the most effective way. The natural horsemanship method teaches students how to “read” horses.

To have a good relationship with your horse, communication and understanding are key factors. Through the natural horsemanship method, you will learn to communicate with horses the way they communicate with each other.

Horses are herd animals. Thy are instinctively comfortable following a leader. We will give you the secrets of becoming your horse’s trusted “alpha”. This helps the horse feels safe with you and will willingly do what you ask.

The Natural Horsemanship Way

Welcome to Beartooth Mountain Ascent – Addiction Recovery Program in Wyoming. Although we are located in Wyoming, we serve all of the United States. Our Catholic/Christian-based addiction transitional living program helps young men ages of 18-30. We help develop a strong foundation that is centered on Christian values. At our beautiful Wyoming cattle ranch, we enable these men to battle their addictions. We teach them the life skills and job skills they need to be successful and sober outside of a structured program.

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Our addiction Recovery Ranch in Wyoming offers an outdoor ranch experience. This enables the young man to reconnect with nature. This helps develop a positive mindset, while he continues healing his body, mind, and spirit. Our strength lies in using nature as an instructive tool to teach valuable life & job skills. Providing a transitional living program brings out the young man’s talents and natural gifts.

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