When your son or loved one has taken the right steps to overcome their addiction, they have taken the correct steps to respect themselves, you, and God once again. Going to a Catholic Christian rehab isn’t a simple choice, and you must commend them for making the proper choice.

Our rehab program is intensive, and with purpose. Our young adult program shows young men how they should be and how to continue living their lives with the ethics of working hard, keeping their faith, and knowing they are not alone. However, their stay at our Catholic Christian rehab must come to an end at some point. We want to give you the most beneficial steps on how you can help your young man continue their sobriety after their stay with us in Wyoming.

Come up with the Proper Plan

At our rehab center, we will help you come up with a great follow up plan that you can take home and that they can follow. Having this plan lined out is essential for their future in sobriety. Treatment plans can include seeing medical professionals, going to therapy, and even physically moving out of their current situation. We can help come up with a solid and smart arrangement to help them stay on track.

Fix the Living Arrangement

Once your son or loved one comes back from our rehab facility, they may need a new living arrangement. If they did not live with your previously they may be living with some bad influences that can lead them back down the road they just worked so hard to turn around from. If they can move back into your home, that would be most beneficial so they have a solid support system around at all times. If this isn’t an option, help them find a new place that may be a better fit since they just revamped their life.

Better State of Mind

At our Catholic Christian rehab, we instill the idea of faith that your loved one may have lost along the way. We also use Reality Therapy techniques along with other counseling methods. Our rehab center wants to ensure that your loved one’s mind is in a great place and they keep thinking clearly. Continuing therapy is a good step to stay on track. Contact a local therapist or drug and alcohol counselor that your son can see every so often to help him keep his mind balanced and well.

Stay Fit

When your young man stays at our ranch we put him to work. Working on a ranch requires stamina and being in shape. When they get back to their previous routine, they need to keep up with their new fit lifestyle. This will keep the young man’s mind occupied and will continue to heal the body from the previous abuse.

Know the Signs

Whether we like to admit or not, we know relapse is always a possibility. Knowing the signs to look out for will be so beneficial if you begin to see them in your son or loved one. If you notice they are extra stressed out and starting to fall back into the same behavior patterns, they may be on the brink of a relapse. If they have stopped participating in new activities, stopped going to therapy, or is never home, these are telltale signs you should be concerned of.

Your loved one admitting they have a problem is the first step, and our Catholic Christian rehab is the next. Contact our rehab center today if your son or loved one has an addiction they can’t snap out of. We are here to help!