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Improved Life Skills

Improved Life Skills For Young Men At Our Catholic Rehab for Addiction

life skills for men at Beartooth Men's Rehab

Beartooth Men’s Rehab’s virtue and character building program within faith-based rehab, is very effective in encouraging the young men dealing with addiction, to develop confidence and self-esteem. We provide a weekly class in virtue character development. We also address the very serious problem of pornography addiction which many of the young men who come to our Christian rehab struggle  with. We teach young men the understanding of how destructive their behavior is to his relationships. We want our young adult rehab program to create happy and healthy relationships. We provide a deeper understanding and instill an appreciation for the dignity of every human person.

Please note that the programs and therapy listed on our website are aspects of our daily life on a working cattle ranch, and are integrated within our main Christian rehab program. Young men participate in the daily ranch activities that are an organic part of real ranch life. Participants do not get to pick and choose what activities they want to do each day. This teaches the young men to go beyond himself and learn to do what is needed, not what he finds pleasing to himself. Also note that not every activity listed is offered every day, and many are available only when the season or weather permits. For example, during the harsh winter months, we do not ride our horses very often as it is hard and the horse and the rider and can be dangerous when the ground is frozen and icy.

Our Catholic rehab program is a great way to instill the values your son or loved one has been missing. Our

addiction program is full of different therapies and works on the ranch which makes this Christian rehab well rounded and the right choice. Contact us today for more information.

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