When discussing the process of interventions, we want to make sure they are successful. Interventions are sometimes necessary for someone struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction is a disease that is debilitating to anyone that falls within its path. Addiction is hard to break alone, and that’s why our Catholic Christian rehab is available for young men who can’t seem to get a grasp on their life any longer.

Addiction tends to make men lose themselves. We help them get back on track by instilling good values, morals, and their faith in God again. Our program is well-rounded and is full of the guidance and the nurturing your young man needs to get clean and stay clean.

Here are some more helpful tips when planning an intervention for your loved one.

The Outcome

When you design an intervention, you have to be tough. This is easier said than done, but it is essential to lay out an outcome whether your loved one chooses to go to Catholic Christian rehab or not. If they refuse to help themselves, most people cut off communication completely. This may sound gut wrenching and impossible but you need to show your loved one what they will lose if they don’t break their addiction habit. Another option is to cut off your son or loved one’s monetary supply. If you assist them financially, cutting them off will make it more difficult to get their next high and show them you mean business.


Preparing how you are going to express yourself is key. Many people going through the intervention process write heartfelt and meaningful letters detailing the past and present life of the addicted young adult. It can detail how fun and full of life they once were to now, they have nothing going for them. Some letters are harsher than others, but the bottom line is that the speeches you are making are also coming from a place of love. Another attribute you should detail in your letter is your expectations of your loved one. Lay out the details of their sobriety and what it truly means. Talk about how they need to restore their faith and start actively practicing again.

Conduct the Intervention

Direct your loved one to go to the meeting place you have decided without a reason as to why. This is key because if the individual knows about the intervention before it is happening they may not show up. When the addicted individual comes into the space, they usually are well aware of what is going on at this point. Be prepared for backlash, anger, and betrayal. Your loved one may even try to leave before the meeting has even commenced and this is where the professional counselor steps in. Usually, after the initial shock, you can conduct the intervention as planned, each person expressing their concerns and love for the broken young adult. Once everyone has spoken their piece, you should lay out the treatment plan you have designed for them at our Catholic Christian rehab.

After the intervention, make sure you create follow up care. After they get back from our Catholic Christian rehab, you want to get rid of anything that will trigger a relapse, this means purging them of friends associated with their addiction, material possessions, and anything else that reminds them of the past.

We at Beartooth Men’s Rehab want your loved one to break their addiction and regain their faith in God. Learn more here and contact us today!