Is Your Mindset Weighing You Down?

During early adulthood it’s easy to adopt certain patterns of behaviors and mindsets that prove harmful to our emotional and personal growth. When it feels like life is turning against you, we’re quick to blame the world and people around us for any, or all of our problems. It’s simpler in our adolescent years to lean on that blame, to have it hold us up. Slowly, but surely, that pressure creates a chip on our shoulder. If you’re working toward a healthier, happier life, there will be many times when it’ll feel like you’re at a standoff with yourself.

If you look inwardly, you may find that what’s holding you back from progress in recovery, or emotional growth is your own mind intrapping you in ways you’ve been working to overcome. It takes continuous work on yourself to keep up with the new life you’re working to lead. With all of the changes happening within your life, one that’s often overlooked is the change in your mindset. If you’ve been holding on to a negative mindset, you may be also having trouble taking responsibility for whatever you can, and trying to control the things that we cannot. Here are some ways to help you shift your patterns of thought.

How Do You Talk to Yourself?

We’ll start here because negative self-talk can affect every conscious moment of our lives. The conversations we have with ourselves directly reflect the current state of our mindset. If every glance in the mirror is met with, “I’m not good enough” or “I’ll never achieve anything”, then it’s time to realize the major disconnect with your thoughts and reality.

In reality we are good enough, but we can always work to be better. We can achieve, if only we are patient, hardworking, and resilient. Everytime you recognize a negative self-thought creeping into your head, try to immediately replace it with a positive. It can be as simple as a, “I can get this done. I am good enough” or “I can survive today”. These sayings may relate to you in a very direct way, or it may be a positive albeit abstract thought. Whatever it is, make it a habit to seek out and replace the negative talk. If you’re actively trying to be better for yourself and others, there’s no time for that negative self-talk to weigh you done. There’s work to do.

How Are You Spending Your Emotional Energy?

How are you spending your mental and emotional energy? Are you spending it on negative emotions, or actions? If you’re feeling tired just thinking about getting better for yourself, it’s time to take a mental break and realize what’s actually happening here. It’s easier to slip into old, harmful habits than it is to completely change how you’ve been living your life. But which one will benefit you positively in the long run? Which one will keep you alive and well? Set aside some of that mental and emotional energy for activities that will help you revitalize your body, mind, and soul. Activities like:

  • Journaling
  • Reading
  • Going to support groups
  • Exercising
  • Changing up your nutrition
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

What Company Do You Keep?

It’s difficult when you begin to realize that as you transition into a healthy adulthood, you outgrow some of the company you keep. As painful as it is, it’s a sign of emotional growth that every individual needs to face. Try to evaluate your company Do they carry the same pessimistic, or angry mindset that you might be holding on to? Are they keeping you from staying on track, making it difficult to continue down a different path.

It may be time to seek out others with mindsets that you aspire to have yourself. Hurt people hurt people, but positive people naturally lift and motivate those around them. If you’re trying your hardest to motivate yourself—and your old relationships are keeping you from the change you need—it’s time to find others that will help you rather than harm you.

Be Bold. Be Kind.

Big changes in your life require a certain level of boldness from yourself. Not only are you changing your self-talk, the people you keep close you you, and your entire mindset, but you’re also changing the way you’re choosing to actively exist with this mindset in the world. Embrace this change. Make your personal development and recovery a priority. Find the small positives that happen everyday, image the greatness you and the others around you can accomplish.

This work is not easy, and sometimes you’ll feel like once you’ve gotten into the thick of it, there’s no getting out. Self-work is a long-term goal, as is giving your mindset an overhaul. When you feel lost, or angry that it’s taking you longer to see the results of a positive, goal oriented mindset, remember to be kind to yourself. Change takes time, and everyone needs change.