Mother Nature is a great teacher, She never Lies and always tells the truth about herself. As the saying goes “you can’t snow the snowman”.Snow will alway be true to it’s authentic snowness. Why is it that other animals do not try to be something or someone they are not. A cow only know and wants what a cow wants, which is usually green grass! We are the only being that God created that can freely choose to life outside of his holy Will.When we are immersed in creation we are more naturally inclined to come back to the order of our original state of desiring to do god’s will not our own.

At Beartooth Mountain Ascent we encourage positive work ethic while working with cattle, completing ranch jobs, and engaging in therapy. We believe that the only difference between the young man and us is one decision, and we hope to help him, through this cowboy life experience, learn the positive effects of his intrinsically good nature. Being a Catholic Christian working cattle ranch, all staff model the Christian virtues, and, as the young man progresses through the program, we help him to emulate those same virtues.