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Nature Therapy at Our Catholic Rehab

Young Men Struggling With Life-Controlling Issues Receive Help With Creation Therapy

Healing For the Body, Mind, and Spirit

therapy for men with addiction problems in WyomingMany of the young men who come to Beartooth Men’s Rehab need continued help with substance abuse, depression, or a general lack of motivation. Sitting for long hours in a dark room in front of a computer, or in front of other harmful substances, has a direct effect on their serotonin levels.

The great news is this is easy to treat because there is only one thing they need to do; Get outside! Getting young men outside, and dirt on their hands will evict a spirit they forgot they had. We make sure that our Christian rehab has many opportunities for these young men to be outdoors as much as possible. With such a beautiful backdrop as the Wyoming countryside, who wouldn’t want to be there?

We need to be mindful and always remember that a huge part of identity is being one of God’s children. We also have to take care of this planet and serve nature as much possible. It is important to be aware of these balances when life challenges us in ways we may not understand. Once we really let all of the beautiful things God has created sink in and we start to appreciate surroundings, we become more in tune with nature, and we feel more a part of the big picture.Wyoming ranch addiction recovery for young men

Nature can make us feel:

  • Joy
  • Uplifted
  • Healed
  • Peace
  • Focused

In this society, there are many things present that can deter us from our purpose in life. Being in nature reminds us of the cycle of life, and our own life cycle. We can see the plants and animals each day through the seasons that are thriving, and dying.

Young men without an agriculture-based family, ranching culture, or those who have not experienced the four seasons, are more open to the idea of getting out in nature and embracing the ranch life in our Christian rehab program.

To make these young men more aware of themselves and their surroundings, we ask the tough questions that demand answers: <addiction treatment for men in Wyoming

  • What attitudes, values and assumptions do we bring?
  • Why are we coming to be healed in nature?
  • How open are we to learning, listening, observing?
  • Do we come with an attitude of partnership with the rest of nature, to be of service to life or to control and dominate and demand returns?
  • Are we there to have a quick visit, do some work or to lingeringly meditate, observe, create, touch, feel, and wonder?

At Beartooth Men’s Rehab, we teach that we should all live each season as it passes; breathe the air, take in nature’s beauty, and relinquish yourself to God and his greatest gifts of God’s. Rehabilitating yourself outdoors in a Christian rehab is exactly what the doctor ordered. Contact us today to learn more about the entirety of our program.

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