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Owner-Ranch Manager &Vocational Educator Mark Schneider

Experienced mountain cowboy, farmer, and business owner/operator.

Mark Schneider

Mark is truly the vocational “rock” of Beartooth Men’s Rehab. His experience comes both from the classroom and from the field. Born and raised on the ranch, it is in his blood. From early morning feeding to late nights on a tractor, Mark knows how to work. He has to, as the success of the ranch is on his shoulders, and he humbly carries the load. He quietly and patiently teaches the young men that come to Beartooth Men’s Rehab how to work, and they see through him that work will make them happy. They learn the value of a job completed, and find that a job is only done when it is done right.

After the ranch type work is completed, Mark might be found coaching the young men in boxing, which he has been doing since the age of eight. He is the proud father of two, and devotes himself to his family. Mark’s vocational knowledge reaches beyond the ranch and he is able to teach the young men many more trades. Having owned and operated a successful drywall business, Mark understands construction and the inner workings of a business. Through him, the young men have this knowledge and experience available to them as they make their career choices.

James Riccomini

James Riccomini Direct Care Staff/Mentor
Mentor for struggling young men
James is from St Mary’s Kansas, He is from a family of 15 with eleven brothers! So James knows what it takes for “brothers” to get along and work together. James played Baseball for KU on a full ride scholarship, so he also knows first hand what it takes to build a team to accomplish great tasks. James leads by example as a man of strong moral character and self-discipline. James loves a challenge and thus has thrown himself into learning every aspect of ranch life. He has worked in construction for many years so his gifts in this area are a great benefit for the young men at Beartooth Men’s Rehab. As a man who truly loves his Catholic Christian faith, the young man are blessed to have his guidance in their journey while they are here at BTMA.

Tony Bonse Direct Care Staff/Mentor
Struggling young adult mentorTony is a young man Native to Wyoming, born in Casper, Wyoming. At age of 12 he moved to Arizona with his family and lived there till he was eighteen. He then moved to Lander, Wyoming as a member of the first class of Wyoming Catholic College. After graduating from Wyoming Catholic College, Tony spent 7 months working at an institution for mentally and physically disabled. He found working in the healthcare field was challenging yet rewarding.

Tony Bonse

Tony Bonse is a man of good character. He is creative, bold and genuinely interested in the well being of others. Tony greatly enjoys many of the formative activities that are so important in helping young men become strong confident individuals. Such activities include weightlifting, boxing, horseback riding, reading excellent literature and praying.
Above all things, Tony values his Catholic faith and relationship with Christ as the most important. He is a devout Catholic who loves sharing the faith and helping those to grow in the faith with him. Overall, Tony is excited to be working at Beartooth Men’s Rehab and helping each individual as best he can!

A Life Changing Experience for struggling young men, parents and the entire family.

Please note that the programs and therapy listed on our website are aspects of our daily life on a working cattle ranch, and are integrated within our main BTMA program. Students participate in the daily ranch activities as an organic part of real ranch life and work. Students do not get to pick and chose what activities they want to do each day. This teaches a young man to go beyond himself, become part of something bigger than himself, and learn to do what is required and needed, not what he finds pleasing to himself. Also note that not every activity listed is offered every day, and many are available only when the season or weather permits. For example, during the harsh winter months, we do not ride our horses very often as it is hard and the horse, the rider and can be dangerous when the ground is frozen and icy.

Our program is located on a remote rural ranch in back to basics, frontier-style buildings without any frills. If you are looking for luxurious accommodations for your son in a resort-like setting this is not the place to send him!

If you want your son to appreciate and not take for granted what has been provided for him by you, then our Ranch is the place to help him grow in appreciation and thanksgiving for all that he has received in his life. Young men that engage in our program leave here with a deeper respect for authority, self-discipline, and a new work ethic that will help them be successful in holding down a job or going to college.

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