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What Makes Our Addiction Treatment Program at Beartooth Men’s Rehab So Unique?

With over 20 years of experience in helping troubled young adults with drug abuse and addiction issues, we have found that participation within our ranch life enables the individual to realize life’s value and begin to heal from their troubling addictions. Using this type of extreme social interaction (ranch work), the comfort zone of the young adult men in our program is deconstructed and they are encouraged to rebuild their lifestyle to value their life’s work, family, loved ones, and himself.

When young adult men first arrive at our drug and addiction treatment program at Beartooth, they will immediately see the message we are portraying by witnessing our hard work, gratitude, and attitude towards their struggles. The young men in our Christian rehab will gain an instinctive nature and ability to help out on the ranch and work as a team to get their work done every day.

While typical rehab programs tend to focus on their addiction and past drug use, we wanted to take a different approach by focusing on the present and the future and leaving that old life behind them. The young men in our drug and addiction rehab will discuss the events of their day on the ranch, such as, how they want to better their lives, and what they want to become once they leave our recovery program.

men's rehab in WyomingAs an integral part of our Catholic rehab, new arrivals are trained not only by our experienced staff but also by each other. When a young man learns the difficult skill sets required to perform all aspects of ranch work, a sense of pride and accomplishment is planted, which only blossoms when he shares that knowledge with others. The young adults in our program become leaders and develop a sense of place and purpose: his sense of identity is contingent only on his role within our community. We believe that this approach, giving back for the greater good, is both commensurate with our spiritual beliefs, and is a fundamental phase in the development of strong men. Our Christian rehab program transforms our young adult’s mentality to “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me,” rather than “I can’t,” or “I am not good at anything.” When this happens, they have embraced the positivity of our program.

The various tasks that are a constant at our drug and addiction recovery include:

  • Horsemanship
  • Cattle wrangling
  • Heavy equipment operation and repair
  • Agricultural technology
  • Welding 

Our young adult participants will be exposed to alternative vocations that are not available in urban environments, sometimes mastering several, if not all of them. Many alumni have utilized the knowledge that they have extracted from our rehab program and have gone on to find lucrative professions. We are constantly getting updates from our graduates who express their gratitude towards our Christian rehab program and our staff, stating that the life experiences they gained from their stay at Beartooth Men’s Rehab in Wyoming, are priceless and highly treasured.

Why Choose Beartooth Men’s Recovery Drug Rehab Program?

  • Large Indoor Equine Arena
  • Roping Corral
  • Welding and Mechanical Shop
  • Fitness Center with Boxing Ring
  • “Cow-Camp”

equine therapy for men in Wyoming
Beartooth Men’s Rehab program is situated on a large-scale working cattle ranch where there is always work to be done with aa variety of job skills to obtain, life skills and educational opportunities to be had by all our young adults. Because ranch work is seasonal the work never gets boring, and yet is repetitive enough to allow mastery of the new job skills that the young man has learned.

Our large indoor equine center and horse program also sets us apart from other “rehab ranches.” The young adults who come to our Catholic rehab at Beartooth Men’s Rehab will not only benefit from equine therapy year-round, but they will also have the opportunity to learn natural horsemanship from expert horse trainers. They will be able to view up close how imprinting takes place with the new foals that are born on the ranch. They learn first hand how important their non-verbal communication styles are interpreted by a spirited yearling colt. Nature and horses are the greatest of teachers, through God’s creatures our young adults in our rehab program learns cannot bully, manipulate, or force a horse to do what he wants.

If you think your son or loved one would be a good fit for our Christian rehab program please contact us, and check out our assessment form!

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