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Our Therapeutic Approach to Addiction Recovery

Beartooth’s Unique Addiction Therapy Methods

At Beartooth Men’s Rehab, we believe that our unique treatment model can help troubled young men heal both inwardly and outwardly. Our program is meant to inspire, motivate, and help each person discover his unique gifts and strengths. By combining traditional and experiential therapy methods and real-time activities, we can create moments for learning, self-reflection, and humility, even in the most resistive student. Where other behavioral and addiction recovery programs can fail their patients after they’ve left a program, we’ve developed a therapeutic approach to recovery.

Low-Cost Wyoming Christian drug treatment centers for menEquine Therapy For Young Men

By working with our ranch horses, these young men can take responsibility for something other than themselves. Through bonding, overcoming frustrations, and “getting back on the horse” when they inevitably fall off, our students learn how to build lifelong relationships that involve clear communication, patience, and understanding.

Experiential Therapy For Young Men

Where traditional therapy can often stifle genuine expression, experiential therapy gets our students into the world around them. Through our nature and relationship-based forms of therapy, they’re encouraged to express themselves, identify their triggers, and gain a greater understanding of who they are. 

Reality Therapy For Young Men

Regardless of their defining characteristics, every person seeks out five basic needs: achievement, belonging, independence, fun, and survival. Health issues can arise when a young man cannot obtain these basic needs. Seeking out these needs can be done in a completely healthy and positive way, and we hope to teach these young men by not dealing with past behavior but choosing better behaviors for the future.

Family Therapy For Young Men

We believe that families’ role in rehabilitating residents in our care is important and sometimes necessary. Strong family connections and the rebuilding of healthy relationships can help your loved one as they transition back into a world outside of Beartooth Men’s Rehab. Help us help them build better communication skills, self-awareness, and strength of character. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Young Men

Therapy and Addiction Recovery for young men at a Wyoming RanchThe therapists and mentors in our program use cognitive behavioral therapy to help each individual realize the negative thought patterns that lead to their dangerous behaviors. These young men often have never known the proper techniques to take control of these ingrained patterns. They may have never been asked to challenge their behavior and understand why they do what they do. Using various activities to reframe those negative patterns, we help students cope in ways that promote emotional and physical healing. 

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