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Young Men’s Christian Rehab

communication Beartooth Men’s Rehab is a faith based rehab center designed to help young male adults transition into sober living. Teaching life skills, job skills, and restoring faith with the beautiful country mountain side as a backdrop, makes our rehab program suitable for any young man looking to repair his life and faith.

Our Christian based rehab program is situated on a 40,000-acre working cattle ranch in northwestWyoming. Our ranch is the perfect setting to give troubled young men the opportunity to rediscover themselves and their faith.

We help young men who struggle with a variety of issues and addictions 

  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • FASD,
  • Asperger/Autism Spectrum Disorders,
  • Learning Disabilities,
  • Depression,
  • Anxiety,
  • Substance Abuse Issues, as well as
  • Video Game
  • Pornography

This adventurous ranch instills a therapeutic experience in our rehab program for young adults   

We include essential programs into our faith based rehab

  • Life coaching 
  • Christian counseling
  • Ranch work
  • Job skills
  • Vocational training

We combine all these treatment plans together to  secure a change of habits in each young adult and improve their family relationships. Working on a ranch applies important elements, experiential education, and hard work. Our job skills and vocational training increases self-esteem, self-motivation, self-discipline and proper coping mechanisms for these young adults in our faith-based rehab program.

Working on the ranch in our christian rehab program

The Mission of Beartooth Mt. Ascent young adult rehab program :D.R.E.A.M.

Develop young men to

Be Responsible

Create Employable young men

By making them Ambitious and

Changing young men’s Mindsets

We want to take the lack of drive and ignite the fire again with revitalizing a good attitude, and determination to do better.

At our ranch, the young adults in our Christian based rehab will be taught to work hard. 

Also, they will pay attention to detail, learn commitment, courage, and of course faith. We want to teach our young men the authentic cowboy way of running the ranch.

Our program at its core is surrounded by our deep-rooted Catholic faith.

We want the young men in our rehab program to practice their Christian virtues in all aspects of life. Surrendering to God is when the healing process can begin with any type of addiction. They will side by side with their other brothers each week at mass, learning the value of having God in their life.

If you want your son, or loved one, to appreciate and not take for granted what has been provided for him, to break the addiction, and to remember, or start his path with faith, then Beartooth Mt. Accent is the place. The young adults in our Catholic rehab center leave our facility with a  deeper respect for authority, self-discipline, a new work ethic, and faith in their heart. Contact us today to get started on changing this young man’s life.

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