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Why Choose Beartooth Men’s Rehab

Why Choose Beartooth Mountain Ascent

Over the years, many parents have asked us why we are different from other treatment programs for troubled young men. Beartooth Men’s Rehab is not your typical wilderness or residential treatment program. There are several core differences between Beartooth Men’s Rehab and other treatment facilities. Although we may be radically different than mainstream options, we also have a drastically higher long-term success rate than they do. A full 86% of the young men who come to BTMA and complete their stay effectively overcome the struggles in their lives. They go on to be productive disregard young men who have become a much better version of themselves.

Why We Are Different from Other Programs

We are different because we have a unique combination of scientifically proven Therapeutic Approaches (like CBT, DBT,REBT as well as acceptance and commitment therapy). With that said it is not the amount of therapy that transforms the young men’s lives it is their authentic relationships within the BTMA family. Our Loving but firm approach helps each young man open up enough to take down the walls he has built around himself for protection.

The other element of our program that sets us apart is the vocational job skills training. When a young man puts in a hard days work, his self-esteem soars to the mountains. We have found that this younger generation has not discovered the great joy and value there is in doing a job well. Once a young man discovers this vital life truth he is now set free to discover his individual gifts. Our goal is to help this young man figure out who he is and what his real God-given talents are.

We help each young man set his lifelong goals along with giving him the tools he will need to achieve them. The ranch work and Equine therapy brings out the secrets if the young man’s heart while in a safe loving environment with people he trust and respects and thus will open up to.

Brett chose Beartooth Men’s Rehab and It Saved his Life

Choose us if you are tired of the typical 12 step rehab that has failed to deliver any lasting changes in your loved one. We are radically different in powerfully effective way! Call us at (307) 248-4170

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