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Working Ranch For Troubled Men in Billings, Montana

Looking for a working ranch and substance abuse treatment center for men near Billings, Montana?

Consider Beartooth Men’s Rehab in WY, a working ranch for men that helps produce responsibility and leadership in men recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. You may not find an effective drug rehab for men that transforms men’s lives like this in Billings, Montana, so please check out the programs at Beartooth.

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Working Ranch for Men in Wyoming

Beartooth Men’s Rehab offers young men in Billings, Montana, an effective 4 – 8 month vocational addiction treatment program with an annual success rate of 80%. We help young men 18-38 years old coming out of alcohol or drug rehab to continue their recovery in a safe and healthy environment.

Beartooth also helps residents from Billings, Montana, heal from various behavioral and mental health such as chronic depression, bipolar disorder, video gaming addictions, pornography and sexual addictions, and criminal behaviors.

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At our 50,000-acre working ranch for men, Beartooth Men’s Rehab offers young men from Billings, Montan, available training and experience with various vocation-technical trades skills such as carpentry, welding, heavy equipment operations, mechanics, horsemanship-horse training, and animal husbandry.

Beartooth Transforms Troubled Young Men Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually

Unlike many other residential alcohol and drug rehabs for men, Beartooth offers a western, working ranch experience that transforms a struggling young man for a lifetime. Here, he can reconnect with nature to create a positive mindset.

At the same time, healing continues in his body, mind, and spirit. The strength of our Christian substance abuse treatment center for men depends on using nature and a disciplined life on a cattle ranch as instructive tools. Here, young men acquire valuable life and job skills. That’s why Beartooth Men’s Rehab provides a real-life working ranch for men to unveil a young man’s talents and natural gifts.

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Affordable, Faith-Based Drug Treatment

We are not like other drug rehab for men or sober living programs in Billings, Montana. Beartooth Men’s Rehab’s unique approach connects young men with nature and instills in them the values of Christianity and the American West. Through daily activities, such as Morning Prayer, Scripture readings, Christian virtue lessons, and work on the ranch, we help men pursue excellence, practice self-discipline, develop honesty, and accept accountability.

Beartooth’s Vocational Addiction Treatment Program for Men Struggling With Life-Controlling Issues

Beartooth’s rigorous vocational training program helps men take hold of their lives and develop independence. From the beautiful mountain region of Wyoming, our vocational rehab program helps young men learn essential life & job skills and overcome behavioral issues. Our faith-based program focuses on Christian values and physical work to help men from Billings, Montana see the life-changing benefit of self-control and moral fortitude.

Equine Therapy Helps Young Men Heal

Men on horses

Beartooth Men’s Rehab program uses equine therapy for men and other types of animal-based treatments to help young men heal from addiction. We have a wide variety of animals, including horses and dogs, at our drug rehab for men.

Equine therapy for men allows young men from Billings, Montana, to form an effective bond as they care for another living creature. This contact with horses grows a sense of responsibility and compassion, essential traits in becoming a better person. While horses are the most common example of animal-based therapy, working with herding dogs on the ranch also helps Beartooth residents build the same principles as equine therapy for men.

Why let your young man continue to wrestle against alcohol or drug addiction alone? Watch him become a responsible, loving adult at our vocational addiction treatment program for men. Call us now! (307) 899-3424.

At Beartooth Men’s Rehab, we aspire to equip each young man with the skills he needs to become the true man that God created him to be. On our working ranch for men, we help them transform mentally, physically, and spiritually through a “real-life therapy” environment.

We will support the young man as he heals from his wounds and form him in the forge that is the heart of Christ. Through this vocational addiction treatment program, the young man will re-form his moral consciousness, be taught virtue, work on mending family relationships, and ultimately become the best version of himself in Billings, Montana.

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