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Young Adult Drug Rehab

Beartooth Men’s Rehab Young Adult Drug Rehab is a Transitional Sober Living Program with a Catholic focus for young adult men. Situated on a 40,000-acre working cattle ranch in northwest Wyoming (around 85 miles from Yellowstone National Park) that gives at-risk young men the opportunity to discover a healthy way of life. Our form of therapy is based on living and working on a cattle ranch, we call this “real life therapy”. This ranch life experience includes experiential education, spiritual life development and job skills training to increase self-esteem, self-motivation, self-discipline and proper coping mechanisms for these at-risk young men.

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Beartooth Mountain Ascent (BTMA) Young Adult Drug Rehab offers a Christian sober living environment designed for young men whose ages range from 18 to 25. Our Young Adult Transition program offers troubled young adults an opportunity to transform their lives by promoting the values of work ethic, self-reliance, the importance of spirituality, and the communicative skills necessary for them to develop strong personal relationships. More often than not, young men struggling with addiction and anger issues lack the patience required to listen to others in conversation; they are also commonly deficient with the ability to articulate their emotional needs and, thus, have developed self-destructive defense mechanisms to cope with daily life. Most of our young men come here feeling isolated and misunderstood. BTMA Young Adult Drug Rehab uses a variety of experiential approaches that are successful in helping the struggling young adult develop healthy alternative methods for handling the stresses of normal life.

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